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Unisex Utility Kilts

Waist Measurement

Measure your waist exactly where you'd like the top of your kilt to rest. DON'T HOLD IN YOUR STOMACHE! If you like a high fitor "True Waist" (A), then measure around your belly button. If prefer to sag or "Jean Waist" (B), then measure around where you like your jeans to rest.

Measure around your buttocks at widest point of your buttocks

Folks, BE GENEROUS in your measurements - kilt are adjustable and it's easier to cinch up a kilt rather than have too tight around the waist (especially after beer drinking, machine washing or low dryer heat.)

Kilt Drop Length

Depending on whether the kilt is worn at the “True Waist” (A) or the “Jeans Waist” (B), measure from A/B to your knee.

All A KILTED HASH kilts are waist adjustable and up to 3 sizes due to weight (beer drinking!) fluctuations.

Ladies Utility Kilts

Refer to instruction chart and directions above.

Waist size on a woman depends on your body shape.Someone with an hour glass shape will want to wear a utility kilt similar to where a pair of hip hugger jeans fit.If you have a straighter body or maybe a little tummy wearing it higher will work better.We want the kilt to make you look better, so keep that in mind.If you have a skirt laying around (a towel will do) try it at different levels and look at yourself in a mirror.

Drop length - there are no rules for this and I vote for the "cheeky" length! Seriously, get that skirt out again. Keep in mind your rear view might actually be a "rear" view if you get it too short. Choose from an Ultra Mini (14 inches), Mini (16 inches), Traditional (18 inches) or any other drop length that suits your comfort and style.