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Calling all Runners, Walkers, Bicyclist, Kayakers and all those who are proudly participating and following the Hashshit! We are offering a CHOICE between a V-Neck or Crew Neck version to suit your unique style.

T-Shirt Details:

  • Moisture wicking performance t-shirt in a short sleeve
  • Machine washable. Low heat or air dry.
  • Men and Women's cuts (please specify)
  • V-Neck or Crew (please specify)
  • Blue or Gray Hashshit color options (please specify)
  • $20 (The Make a Wish Foundation will receive ALL monies pertaining to a slight mark up)

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS - minimum of 20 apparel items (t-shirts and/or happi coats) for each Kennel will guarantee this pricing. International shipping will go directly to each Kennel's haberdashery coordinator and then be individually distributed.

A KILTED HASH will not be able to mail HASHSHIT ACROSS AMERICA apparel items. Each kennel will have a haberdashery coordinator who will collect money, place the entire order and send money via PayPal. Within 7-10 days, the haberdashery coordinator will receive one international delivery and then the coordinator will individually distribute.